SportsHero Limited

SportsHero Limited (ASX: SHO) is the owner and operator of world-leading sports prediction and social gamification digital mobile applications, and was listed on the ASX in early 2017. SportsHero unites global fans who use the company’s ubiquitous iOS and Android mobile applications to predict the outcomes of sporting events around the world, with primary focus on football codes. The company has the high level strategic aim of capitalising on the potential of a notional amalgamated community of over 1 billion by combining the communities of affiliated social platforms, B2B and B2C brands and professional sporting teams to create a robust user-base of fans who come together to predict sporting outcomes, consume content and interact with ambassadors and other high-profile personalities.

Edwards + Co has assisted SportsHero over several years with key legal matters, working under a trusted retainer relationship. Some of our work includes:

  • Advice, negotiation and legal documentation for SportsHero’s major alliance in Indonesia with one of the world’s most popular sporting leagues, Spain’s LaLiga, which has 123 leagues and games that reach billions of people globally. LaLiga has 29.9 million fans in Indonesia alone, and the deal made SportsHero its’ exclusive Indonesian partner in the sports prediction app category;
  • Extension of the SportsHero’s exclusive mobile application alliance with LaLiga to Malaysia, which is another hugely popular LaLiga market in South East Asia;
  • Successful negotiation and documentation of legal aspects of SportsHero’s landmark Indonesian partnership distribution and marketing arrangements with Walletku, a payment system which reaches over 12,000 merchants across greater Jakarta, and Tri Putra Permadi, one of Indonesia’s leading social media entrepreneurs;
  • Drafting, negotiating and finalising a non-binding of heads of agreement with Cross Bet, the holder of an Australian sports bookmaker licence, to create a joint venture in Australia in the pay-to-play sports prediction market, and advising on associated legal and ASX compliance issues;
  • Advice on, and documentation of, numerous other business-critical heads of agreements and long form contracts for major marketing and branding partnerships and joint ventures in Australia and overseas;
  • All legal and regulatory aspects in 2019 associated with the successful launch of rugby as a sport on the SportHero platform;
  • Ongoing regulatory compliance advisory with respect to ASX Listing Rules compliance matters, including review of ASX announcements under the continuous disclosure obligations of Chapter 3;
  • Ongoing regulatory compliance advisory with respect to gambling and gaming regulation in Australia, ASIAPAC and EMMEA in a digital context, and including gaming & trade promotion lottery advice across all Australian jurisdictions;
  • Ongoing advisory throughout 2018 regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens, including with respect to Initial Coin Offerings and evolving regulations and commentary from ASIC, ASX, gaming and other regulatory authorities; and
  • Ongoing legal advisory with respect to the global protection of the valuable SportsHero suite of intellectual property, including both registered and unregistrable forms of IP, and managing cease and desist and take down notice matters.
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