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Legal Health Diagnostics for Business.

Welcome to LAWFIT®

LAWFIT® is a legal fitness diagnostic program for commercial organisations developed based on decades of commercial legal experience and deep data research.

LAWFIT® examines key data points across the legal organs of the business to quickly and cost-effectively identify red flags, sleeping liabilities and potential growth opportunities.

The raw business data is analysed and processed to ultimately deliver the LAWFIT® Analysis + Insights Report.

LAWFIT® is designed for small, medium and large businesses.  It is provided for a fixed price, tiered depending on business size. The process is fast, robust and deeply insightful.

Get a cost-effective, independent legal analysis of the legal health of your organisation. Improve legal processes and compliance, protect the company and directors from liabilities, reduce cost, upgrade hygiene, capitalise on revenue opportunities and obtain competitive advantage.

The ultimate deliverable is a confidential LAWFIT® Analysis + Insights Report which identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Take the 3-minute questionnaire to help see if LAWFIT® is suitable, and obtain some immediate insights about your business. Your information is held in confidence and subject to our Privacy Policy.

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Take the 3-minute questionnaire to see if LAWFIT® could be suitable for your business, and generate some immediate insights!

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We start your LAWFIT® transformation with an intensive and rigorous look into the legal organs of your business together with your key personnel.

In this sprint phase, we use our methodology to extract key data points across a number of proprietary metrics.


The LAWFIT® team analyses your data and assesses the fitness of your legal functions. We start preparing the LAWFIT® Analysis + Insights Report.


We deliver your confidential LAWFIT® Analysis + Insights Report, identifying your legal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Your key people are taken through the insights and recommendations, including your LAWFIT® Score.

You are now ready to implement the findings to upgrade legal fitness.

Ready to learn more? Take this 3-minute questionnaire to get some immediate insights!

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