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Commercial lawyers delivering high-quality, value-led legal solutions for modern business needs in Australia and overseas.

Edwards + Co was established in 2012 to provide a genuine alternative to the typical large law firm.  It is in our DNA to be agile, innovative, value-led and client-responsive.  We deliver high-quality, trusted legal solutions that are clear, cost-effective and highly commercial.

What we do

What we do

We are legal experts in Corporate, Media, Technology, IP and General Commercial matters. Based in Sydney, and serving clients in Australia and across the Asia Pacific, we take a global view.

Our work includes day-to-day advisory on corporate and commercial establishment and operational matters, all kinds of commercial contracting, the full suite of corporate transactions and specialised advice on protection and commercialisation of IP assets.

Whilst we act for some of Australia’s biggest and best-known media companies and other large private, public and listed entities, we also represent a range of businesses by size, including inventors, founders, start ups and SMEs.  Many of our clients recognise the value of intangible assets, such as technology platforms, databases, brands, inventions and other IP, and seek our specialised advice in this area.

We broadly divide our Expertise into Corporate, Media, Digital and Commercial practice groups. See Expertise.

Why and how we do it

Why and how we do it

Our commercial legal solutions have been designed to be client-responsive, nimble and value-led.

We make it a priority to understand what makes our clients’ businesses tick, and their specific challenges and goals. This enables us to provide advice that can be seamlessly integrated into the business, and to efficiently structure and execute legal transactions.

At Edwards + Co, client matters receive principal-level attention in significantly higher ratios and at far more affordable rates than our large law firm competitors. We take an agile, communicative, team-based approach to projects.  This methodology accesses specialised team member expertise, balances experience with cost and optimises available resources.  It is an approach we have tried and tested, and continuously refine, with the goal of continuous improvement.

We innovate with new ways of communicating and delivering legal solutions.  For example, our proprietary LAWFIT® business diagnostics tool takes a deep dive into businesses to assess and score legal fitness. You can learn more about LAWFIT® here.

When not working on client projects, we research and write about emerging legal and business issues, and publish this content in Insights + Resources and our free newsletter, the Disruptive Law Report.  You can sign up to receive the Disruptive Law Report here.


We act for a range of businesses by size, from large listed companies, to SMEs looking to make their mark, to founders and inventors with the next exciting, disruptive idea.

The nature of our clients’ activities is also quite diverse.  Whilst many might be classified into the technology, media and communications industries, others are engaged in more traditional enterprises such as the sale of goods and property.

Our broad and diverse client base includes:

  • Media companies and distributors of data and content across all media channels, including film, television, online, mobile, social and other new media.
  • Advertising sales representatives, media agencies and creative agencies.
  • Sports and entertainment companies, including online and mobile gaming operators.
  • IP owners generally, including digitally transforming organisations with developed or developing data assets.
  • Software developers, digital agencies, IT agencies, software-as-a-service providers.
  • Entities with digital and technology assets as business critical functions.
  • Developers, processors and distributors of data and other forms of valuable information.
  • Entities engaged in PR, communications and research industries.
  • Entities engaged in all aspects of telecommunications and internet delivery of information.
  • Digitally transformed businesses, including fintech, adtech, sportstech, biotech and agritech entities.
  • Companies selling goods and services via e-commerce.
  • Providers of professional, scientific and other services.
  • Manufacturers and distributors of physical products and real estate, including furniture, apparel, fashion, cosmetics and property companies.


James is one of the finest lawyers I have worked with. He has a rare mix of legal acumen and business prudence and uses it effectively to steer a transaction.

Shobhna, Senior Legal Counsel

James is delight to work with, he brings oodles of professionalism without the staidness of a corporate culture. Detail oriented, multi-faceted and not prone to panic, James is the person you go to during a crisis and you can be sure he will shepherd you through.

Adrian, Creative Director

James is a great team player. Through my dealings with him when he was on the CASBAA Legal & Regulatory Committee, he provided a lot of insight and knowledge regarding various aspects of law in our region, and collaborated to achieve positive outcomes for our industry overall.

Bobbi, Managing Director

We hired Edwards + Co as our Legal Partner at a time when the business was growing rapidly and expanding internationally. Fantastic to work with, they have provided us the highest quality legal advice and demonstrated deep subject matter expertise and business thinking across the tech & media landscape.

Chris, Chief Executive Officer

A first class lawyer with strong commercial nous. I have no hesitation recommending James as a trusted and pragmatic business / legal advisor who knows how to get things done.

Daniel, Business Development Director

Edwards + Co Legal are a great part of our team.

Suzie, Chief Commercial & Corporate Officer

I’ve worked with James extensively for 4 years on numerous legal work – Compliance, Risk Management, Sales Contracts, Vendor Contracts, Broadcast Regulations, Standards & Practices and Training – and I would not hesitate in recommending him.

William, VP Advertising Sales Asia Pacific

I found certain unique qualities that most in the legal profession do not possess, including being masterful in finding a balance between legal risk and business needs and demonstrably taking time to truly understand our business.

William, VP Advertising Sales Asia Pacific

Thorough and detailed, James’ vast experience lent itself perfectly to identifying potential risks before they occurred. I could always depend on him to address client concerns without compromising our commercial needs. He understands very well the nuances in each market across the region and was a real pleasure to work with.

Ann, Sales Director

I’ve had the privilege of working with James for over 4 years and can easily say that besides being a great person to work with, he is a fantastic lawyer as well. James is very approachable and knowledgeable. His vast experience and sound knowledge of the media business allows him to propose workable solutions to any matter.

Soni, Global Sales Director

James is a true professional, extremely responsive and proactive in his work. While very well respected by his peers within the legal profession, he is also known in the media and digital world for possessing a keen business mind.

Julie, Sales Director

We currently use Edwards & Co for all of our advisory work at Valtech. The firm is excellent to work with bringing a strong mix of commercial, legal and industry knowledge at the forefront of digital innovation. I’d highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for world class advisory services across Entertainment, Media and Telco.

Chris, Managing Director

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