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Creating a Modern Commercial Law Firm and a Healthy Workplace

James talks to Beyond Billables about building a modern law firm that seeks to challenge and evolve traditional paradigms, through agility and innovation, and creating a healthy, happy and vibrant work environment. Listen to the podcast here…

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METAVERSE+ | Web 3.0 – Legal Considerations in the Spatial Era

Rapidly evolving technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are heralding ‘Web 3.0’, a.k.a. ‘the next phase of the internet’. It is one which gives rise to exciting new possibilities for humanity, whilst also surfacing some multi-dimensional and fascinating legal and regulatory risks.

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METAVERSE+ | Why Facebook is Really Changing its Name to Meta

The tech giant formerly known has Facebook has recently announced that it will change its name to Meta and sharpen its focus on the development of the Metaverse, in essence a digital construct comprised of augmented and virtual realities that run alongside and potentially supplant the physical world. In this article, we discuss Facebook’s new name, the Metaverse and some real and metaphysical legal and regulatory challenges.

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Corporate Law Update | Company Directors set to get IDs from New Government Watchdog

Australian Company directors will soon be required to verify their identity with a recently formed Government Registrar by applying for a ‘Director Identification Number’. This measure is intended to curb illegal phoenix activities and prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities.

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COVID-19+| More evidence of the End for Wet Ink? Victoria Becomes First State to Make Pandemic Reforms Permanent

Victoria has solidified its contemporary stance on electronic signatures and made its pandemic reforms permanent. In this article, we provide an insight into what the changes are and whether Australia’s other states will follow Victoria’s lead.


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