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Boutique corporate and commercial law firm, built for today’s business needs.  We provide sound and trusted legal solutions that are clear, agile, client-responsive and value-led.

Featured: Corporate 1/4

Creating a Modern Commercial Law Firm and a Healthy Workplace

James talks to Beyond Billables about building a modern law firm that seeks to challenge and evolve traditional paradigms, through agility and innovation, and creating a healthy, happy and vibrant work environment. Listen to the podcast here…

Featured: Data + Privacy 2/4

Is this too personal?

As part of our series of LAWFIT® Privacy Guides,  we examine the central definition of ‘Personal Information’ under Australian privacy law.  In 2019, what is and what is not legally regulated as personal information?  Getting this wrong can have major legal consequences for businesses, with fines of up to $2.1m for serious or repeated interferences with personal information.

Featured: Insights + Resources 3/4

Reigning the rise of the Gig Economy & DDIs

In recent times, global market forces have seen a growing flow of workers opting for short-term ‘gigs’ in place of permanent jobs.  These workers are increasingly ’employed’ by a new breed of digital intermediary platforms, such as Uber, AirTasker and Deliveroo. We take a closer look at challenges for regulators…

Featured: Data + Privacy 4/4

A.R. & the trailing footsteps of Australian privacy law

That augmented reality (‘AR’) technology has the potential to positively impact human experience is undoubted. However, AR also gives rise to specific and significant privacy concerns under Australian privacy law.  Whilst the need for proper and considered regulation is widely recognised, its meteoric growth is likely to outpace regulators for some time. We take a closer look…


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