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02 February, 2019

Creating a modern commercial law firm and a healthy workplace

In this podcast, the firm’s founder is interviewed by Beyond Billables about challenging the traditional law firm paradigm and creating a healthy, happy and vibrant workplace.

James established Edwards + Co in 2012 as a modern-thinking law firm, with quality, value-driven customer solutions and a work environment that is participatory and vibrant. Staff wellness and fulfilment are an important priority, with initiatives such as a meditation room and a natural wine collection.

James talks about the journey that led him to create the Edwards + Co brand and philosophy, and his years in the cauldron of top law firms in Australia and multinationals across Asia.

The firm is currently in a growth phase and interested in talking to commercial lawyers seeking a change to a dynamic environment with work-life balance.  You can get in touch with us confidentially at

Listen to the podcast here.