Our extended professional network

Our team blends top-end legal skills with practical business knowledge and experience, to deliver quality solutions that are agile, client responsive, innovative and value-led.

Our extended professional network

Edwards + Co extends it scale and reach through access to a network of specialist advisors we have worked with closely over the years.

The strong and diverse bench includes domain experts in specialisations such as tax, accounting, finance, insolvency, patents, and litigation, as well as international practitioners in a range of disciplines. The appropriate advisor is quickly brought in based on the specific needs of the client project, and their advice seamlessly incorporated into the legal solution. At other times, as efficiency dictates, we may pass the engagement directly over to our trusted partner.

Working with our advisory network means we can nimbly transform our service depth and breadth into that of a large firm, whilst retaining the light footprint and tailored approach of a boutique.

We have a formal strategic alliance with EMT Law in Melbourne and Los Angeles, which engages clients under the EMT Edwards banner. The alliance enables us to bring desirable scale and strength to large corporate and commercial client projects.

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