Leonie Leclerc

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Leonie Leclerc


Paralegal with growing expertise in intellectual property and general commercial law

Leonie is a paralegal at Edwards + Co and a penultimate year student of Law and Media at UNSW. She supports the legal team generally across the firm’s practice areas and helps present content relating to intellectual property, data and commercial law for the Insights + Resources of the firm.

Leonie is particularly interested in intellectual property law. In 2019, she spent time in Switzerland to study how intellectual property falls within the intersection of law and technology at the University of Zurich. She has also been published by the UNSW Law Journal for her dissertation on patent law and biotechnology, which provides a cross-continental examination of the patentability of isolated gene sequences.

Leonie is fluent in French, and has lived in India, the UAE, France and Germany. In her spare time, Leonie also works as a freelance graphic designer, and aims to use her industry knowledge to specialise in IP.


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