Scalable SaaS Platform

EncompaaS is a SaaS Information Management Platform owned by EncompaaS Software Ltd. It is designed for large, worldwide corporate and government departments and entities to autonomously manage regulatory, organisational and privacy compliance. The platform utilises AI & ML to enable customers to discover, enrich, manage and extract critical business information held within big structured and unstructured datasets. EncompaaS is fully deployed on the Microsoft Azure platform, being one of only 10 Managed Partners of Microsoft in Australia and one of their fastest growing Azure partners globally.

Edwards + Co has been continuously engaged by EncompaaS and its Australian subsidiary, Informotion Pty Ltd, since 2017. As trusted legal advisor for both corporate and commercial operational matters, our work has included:

  • Merger of EncompaaS Software with a professional services IT provider, including advising on, documenting, negotiating and managing all legal matters, and assisting with the consolidation of their respective operations;
  • Capital raising matters over a 7-year period, including advising on, documenting and helping negotiate:
    • Numerous equity and convertible note capital raises; and
    • Numerous financing facilities, including long-term, secured debt and short term debt.
  • Numerous ESOP schemes and employee offers, including documenting and managing those schemes and maintaining records and registers;
  • Advising on potential business and equity acquisitions of other entities;
  • Legal matters related to cross-border operations between Australia, the UK and US;
  • Corporate governance advisory, including re board and shareholder meetings and resolutions, and general ASIC compliance;
  • Business critical agreements, including drafting, negotiating and documenting key contracts for the licence of the EncompaaS SaaS platform to many Government departments and large corporates;
  • Drafting, negotiating and documenting key terms for the provision of professional services by Informotion;
  •  Australian and international privacy matters, including under the Australian Privacy Act, the GDPR of EU, the GDPR of the UK, and under the patchwork privacy laws of the US; and
  • Day-to-day advisory on the full range of general commercial issues and disputes affecting the business and its operations, employees, and contractors.
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