Digital Gold Marketplace

Established in 2016, Rush Gold provides their customers with the ability to buy, sell, and send legal title to investment grade gold and silver from refiners certified by the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA). Rush Gold’s own Debit Card can be used by Australian customers as a Mastercard anywhere in the world to use their gold for regular transactions. Rush Gold has customers in 15 countries across the globe and holds partnerships with world-leading precious metal providers to supply, vault, audit and insure their gold.

Edwards + Co have worked closely with Rush Gold since 2018 on corporate advisory and transactional matters, as well as day-to-day advisory and contract work for the core business of digital sale of precious metals. Some key work we have completed for Rush Gold include:

  • Large crowd-sourced funding rounds and the associated conversion of Rush Gold from a private to a public company, and related corporate regulatory compliance matters;
  • Numerous equity capital raising transactions from 2019 to the present with a range of sophisticated investors, including advising on structures, preparing template offer letters and subscription agreements and providing ancillary advice on compliance with various laws;
  • Advising on and documenting capital raise agreements with corporate advisors;
  • Developing and refining the core platform Terms for the commercialisation of digital precious metals, including modifying those terms to accommodate the evolving business model and the sale of silver;
  • Advising on complex commercial business models and transactions, including gold-as-a-service and affiliate and reseller arrangements in Australia and internationally, including Singapore, Middle East, the US and the UK;
  • Advising on various joint venture arrangements in Australia and internationally;
  • Advising on arrangements with bullion and vaulting providers;
  • Advising on, negotiating and drafting agreements for the establishment of the Rush Gold Mastercard.
  • Advising on various sophisticated legal matters related to the complex financial regulatory and legal regimes of Rush Gold’s disruptive and innovative business model, including the intersection of tangible and intangible assets;
  • Drafting numerous consulting and employment agreements, and advising generally on HR matters; and
  • Corporate governance advisory, including providing advice in connection with board and shareholder rights, meetings and resolutions, shareholder relations and the appointment of non-executive directors.
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