Noyan Nalbantoglu

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Noyan Nalbantoglu


Emerging lawyer with growing expertise in laws of data, privacy and disruptive digital businesses.

Noyan joined Edwards + Co in early 2017, and is a second year fully qualified Australian solicitor with degrees in law and political sciences from University of Sydney.

Noyan works across the firm’s Corporate, Commercial, Media and Digital practice areas, and has broad experience in various interrelated legal disciplines. He provides advice on a wide array of commercial contracts and advisory matters, and his work deliverables are characterised by increasingly technical yet practical understanding of Australian and overseas laws and regulations, combined with meticulous attention to detail.

Noyan has a growing, specialised knowledge of the evolving and increasingly omnipresent data and privacy laws, and advises clients on the handling of personal information and data breaches under the new Notifiable Data Breach Scheme and the far-reaching GDPR of the European Union. He does significant work researching and advising on gambling, trade promotion and lottery laws of Australia and other jurisdictions.

In his Corporate work, Noyan has been responsible for drafting and revising a range of transaction agreements, and has assisted with the completion of a number of heavily negotiated equity raises and associated shareholder agreements.  He has developed a good working knowledge of intricate provisions of the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules, and uses this knowledge to help the firm advise clients.

Before commencing at Edwards + Co, Noyan gained several years experience as a paralegal at various notable commercial law firms in Sydney. As a young lawyer and a digital native, he is particularly interested in the intersection of law and business with disruptive digitalisation trends, including artificial intelligence, and has published a number of legal articles in this area.

noyan nalbantoglu

Tel: +61 2 9331 5188

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