Michael Williams

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Michael Williams


Experienced lawyer with deep commercial experience in media and advertising industries.

Michael is a qualified Australian lawyer with more than 12 years experience in the media industry in Australia. Prior to admission as a solicitor, he worked for many years as a commercial manager in one of Australia’s best known and most innovative and dynamic media companies.

At Edwards + Co, Michael is engaged across the firm’s practice areas, and has worked on many complex transactions in the Corporate group, including mergers, acquisitions, shareholder agreements, debt arrangements and buy backs.

Michael has particularly deep expertise in commercial and legal issues in adtech and media advertising sales and representation arrangements generally. This knowledge base ranges from traditional TV sales, to new media and mobile, to out-of-home assets, to platform-based programmatic advertising sales exchanges and other emerging digital models. The wealth of Michael’s industry experience sets him apart from other lawyers working in these industry verticals. At Edwards + Co, Michael is able to combine his industry knowledge with an increasingly rigorous and technical understanding of the law.

Michael divides his time between Edwards + Co’s Sydney office and as inhouse corporate counsel and commercial manager at a large media company.

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Tel: +61 2 9331 5188

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